Russian Journalist talk democracy as US Dept. of State enlisted Tim Boyce to lead

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The US Department of State, Office of the Foreign Press Center, is sponsoring International Journalist to tour our Country as they learn more about the US electoral process. I was honored to be asked to facilitate the discussion along with Miriam Magdieli from the State Department. The 10 journalists came from major news organizations in […]

Video of Active Shooter Training highlights ways to protect your team

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Active Shooter training has advanced past the duck and cover days of simple lockdowns. I recently present a program called “Active Shooter Awareness, What you can do to save your life”. The program was part of Neumann University’s and Delaware County’s Partnership for Public Safety. At the inaugural program, more than 300 attendees learned ways […]

Vulnerable Populations require special active shooter response planning and hands-on practice to be effective

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Vulnerable Populations are not immune to violence. Training needs to consider mobility, intellectual impairment, physical impairments and the needs of their caregivers when planning. I recently presented to a large group of organizational leaders who work with these groups on behalf of the Delaware County System of Care. Planners should focus specific action plans and […]

Senator Pat Toomey meets with homeland security leaders to discuss access to rescue equipment

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I was part of a group of local and regional Homeland Security Officials who met with US Senator Patrick Toomey to talk about access to rescue equipment. With national priorities shifting from supporting law enforcement to limiting their resources, Senator Toomey saw first hand how critical access to rescue vehicles and equipment can be. Advocating […]

Working with in-house teams to better prepare themselves for a crisis

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I¬†joined Chief John Viola and Deputy Chief Joseph Hagan of the Haverford Township Police Department for an active shooter exercise at the Cardinal John Foley Regional School. As part of the training, officers responded to the first active shooter situation, while a second shooter was reported at another private school in the area. The goal […]