Saint Joseph’s University selects Tim Boyce to facilitate Anti-Terrorism project

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 It’s one thing to sit in class or read from an instruction manual, and quite another to actually apply that knowledge. This is especially true for the millions of Americans serving on our many emergency response teams.

Saint Joseph’s University’s Early Responders Distance Learning Center (ERDLC) understands that distinction and has worked closely with the federal government on a number of projects aimed at providing state-of-the-art and accredited training for the nation’s emergency response personnel. Most recently, the ERDLC was awarded $795,000 from the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG), a national inter-agency program for counter-terrorism, to bring port security to the virtual world through a simulated learning environment.

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I have joined the ERDLC Team and will coordinate subject matter experts to develop, consult and test the training, Under a three year contract, my role will be to facilitate the project by coordinating with Law Enforcement, Military and civilian security forces on the program. The contract will have me traveling frequently to Washington DC and other major cities across the Country.


Users of the simulation will approach it in much the same way as they would a video game, in first person as characters, driving the unfolding scenario. For example, users will explore a simulated port environment, encounter suspicious persons, engage them in a line of questioning, determine their level of risk and either apprehend the individuals or send them on their way. A built-in scoring system will track each decision point in the game and determine the user’s level of success.



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