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Table-Top exercise planning for an International Chemical Manufacturer underway

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Having previously met with the Exercise Planning Team  to define the goals and objectives for their table-top exercise; today we moved on to working out the scenario and developing exercise injects for players.  For this project, the client has asked that I focus on communication pathways more than tactics during the exercise. Communication is  often the […]

Will your Sexual Assault Response Plan be “Trusted” by the Victim?

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That question was explored at a round table discussion that I participated in along with leaders from several schools, colleges and law enforcement agencies. We discussed the importance of having a comprehensive plan in place before an event on your college campus or high school as being critical if you expect victims to make timely reports.  To be comprehensive, […]

Looking critically at your Emergency Plan before an event

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The Delaware County Intermediate Unit DCIU hosted subject matter experts on school safety to discuss, review and improve PEMA’s recently release model school safety plan. Following recent active shooter events at schools, PEMA updated the comprehensive emergency management plan. I joined with Dr. Maria Edleberg and Dr. Raymond McFall to organize and facilitate the day log […]

Heroin Task Force moves on in 2014

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Delaware County Heroin Task Force held its first meeting in 2014 to discuss action plan for the upcoming year to address prescription drug abuse and heroin epidemic in Delaware County. My role on the Task Force continues to be focused on raising awareness of the abuse of prescription drugs and how organizations can be leaders […]