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At your next Emergency Management Team meeting, ask “what if our back- up plans fail? Are we prepared to face that threat”?

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Having a back-up generator that sits behind your facility is a great idea; but what if a deliberate attack cripples your equipment? A recent low-tech attack on a power plant highlights the need to “What if…?” your emergency response plans. The Wall Street Journal covered the event extensively and the resulting investigation reveals the threat […]

Are we planning for the “threat” that is killing 100 people every day?

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As Planners, we look to identify threats and hazards that can come from natural, technological and/or human caused events. A great place to start is the Homeland Security Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Guide available at But there is another life threatening hazard among us that we need to recognize; the epidemic […]

Practicing with your Emergency Management Team during an Active Shooter drill

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Police, Fire and Emergency Medical personnel are often very eager to hold an Active Shooter drill at your facility. They can practice tactical maneuvers, they can learn building layouts and they can challenge their Command & Control capabilities. But, how does your Emergency Response/Management Team benefit from an Active Shooter drill? To answer that, you […]