Practicing with your Emergency Management Team during an Active Shooter drill

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Police, Fire and Emergency Medical personnel are often very eager to hold an Active Shooter drill at your facility. They can practice tactical maneuvers, they can learn building layouts and they can challenge their Command & Control capabilities.

But, how does your Emergency Response/Management Team benefit from an Active Shooter drill?


To answer that, you first need to understand the purpose of first having a “Concepts & Objectives” meeting early on in the planning process. It is at this initial meeting, that leadership from the participating agencies and host facility, discuss what they all expect to gain from the training, the safety protocols, resource commitments and measurable learning objectives.

We can all learn from observing the first responders in action; but they too can learn from us. Drills are a great opportunity to educate your guest on how you have practiced to manage your people, processes and brand during a crisis. Done safely, joint exercise add value to all the stakeholders.


At this exercise, the School Team held table top exercises to prepare for the live drill. This allowed them to understand the police tactics and better understand their own responsibilities. During the police evolution pictured below, the School Team learned the importance of having a Casualty Collection Point pre-identified and prepared to provide immediate medical treatment on scene.

DSC06835DSC06889active shooter exercise march 2013

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