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Haverford School District Table Top Exercises underway for all District Schools

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The Haverford School District in Delaware County PA has been conducting table top exercises with all their school Emergency Response Teams. The exercises scenarios were developed and designed by Timothy Boyce who is working closely with Haverford’s Director of Pupil Service, Dr. Valerie Burnett . District Administrators and leadership teams from Coopertown Elementary, Chesnutwold Elementary, and Lynnewood Elementary were […]

Do like people think alike ?

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Research shows that having a Diverse Team collaborate on your plan can improve your success. How can we apply this to Emergency Management? By tapping into the Hidden Brain of others! Research Scientists found that by adding Diversity to their “Team”, outcomes improved substantially. Shankar Vedantam, author of The Hidden Brain, recently spoke with NPR’s […]

Does your Active Shooter plan include mental health, grief counseling and managing memorials?

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A comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan includes Prevention, Planning, Mitigation, Response and Recover. Often the Recovery component is an after thought or focuses solely on business resumption. But death on your school or business campus affects your people and the community in ways far beyond the bottom line. When the Santa Monica College Community was the […]

Getting the most out of “your”exercise

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When working with First Responders, it is important to ensure that the goals and objectives of the exercise include adding value to your School or Company Emergency Response Team. Having an exercise facilitator that works with the “Early Responders” is critical. Dr. Paul DeVito developed the early responder concept while at Saint Joseph’s University. As the public safety […]


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When the founder of the Society of Mary, Rev. William Joseph Chaminade offered that thought 200 years ago, he was speaking about education reform during the French Revolution. Today, the Society of Mary is better known as the Marianists who operate Colleges and Universities across the world and have succeeded by never forgetting Rev. Chaminade’s […]