Getting the most out of “your”exercise

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When working with First Responders, it is important to ensure that the goals and objectives of the exercise include adding value to your School or Company Emergency Response Team.

School Active Shooter training with Tim Boyce

School Active Shooter training with Tim Boyce

Having an exercise facilitator that works with the “Early Responders” is critical. Dr. Paul DeVito developed the early responder concept while at Saint Joseph’s University. As the public safety community continues to be diminished due to call volume and operational costs, the need for those that are on scene at the time of the event (Teachers, managers, employees) to be ready to respond to a threat is critical.

I recently trained with a school and their first responders in Delaware County Pennsylvania. Inviting the news media to cover the exercise shows the community that you are committed to safety and have the confidence to let observers participate. For more on the exercise, click the News of Delaware County image below:

Tim Boyce News of Delaware County article on active shootersActive Shooter training with Timothy Boyce

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