Do like people think alike ?

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Research shows that having a Diverse Team collaborate on your plan can improve your success. How can we apply this to Emergency Management? By tapping into the Hidden Brain of others!

Tim Boyce  Hidden Brain

Research Scientists found that by adding Diversity to their “Team”, outcomes improved substantially. Shankar Vedantam, author of The Hidden Brain, recently spoke with NPR’s David Greene about these findings that demonstrated when the authors of scientific papers are more Culturally Diverse (multiple ethnicities), their papers are far more successful than papers where the backgrounds of the authors was similar.

While we are all struggling to do more with less in Emergency Planning and Response, now is the time to break down barriers to Emergency Management by looking to include “Others” onto our Teams.

At your next Team meeting, ask who is not represented? Adding diversity adds value.

An audio  link to Shankar’s comments can be found by clicking the NPR link below:

Link to Hidden Brain audio file

Link to Hidden Brain audio file


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