Haverford School District Table Top Exercises underway for all District Schools

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The Haverford School District in Delaware County PA has been conducting table top exercises with all their school Emergency Response Teams. The exercises scenarios were developed and designed by Timothy Boyce who is working closely with Haverford’s Director of Pupil Service, Dr. Valerie Burnett .

Click on the image to learn more about the Haverford School District's Safety Plans

Click on the image above to learn more about the Haverford School District’s Safety Plans

District Administrators and leadership teams from Coopertown Elementary, Chesnutwold Elementary, and Lynnewood Elementary were the latest schools to execute table-top safety drills in preparation for school emergencies.

Tim Boyce is facilitating these safety discussions with the administrations of all seven district schools as part of the School District of Haverford Township’s commitment to keeping their students and schools safe.


The exercises are focused on recognizing a threat, communicating warning and resource needs, protecting students and staff and working with First Responders. District Administrators also participated in the training.

Working out evacuation routes for the students was part of the exercise

Working out evacuation routes for the students was part of the exercise. For many emergecnies, having a second way off campus will be critical

Haverford Schools empower their “School Commander” to make the quick action decisions that address the District’s Safety priorities: Life Safety, Incident Stabilization and then Property Conservation.

All are important, and the District’s capabilities are extensive to respond to a host of threats

Keeping the Community informed of your safety program is important. Haverford’s was feature in the Havertown Patch newspaper as well as the District’s web site.


A link to the story can be found by clicking on the Patch logo below.

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Transportation options played a key role in the exercise

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