Fighting Violence with Private Economic Power

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Delaware County Daily Times cover 5/28/2014

Senator Toomey, Mayor Linder and Tim Boyce discussing how collaboration can address community violence. Click the image to read the news article.

The Institute for Economic  Development IED is working with government, law enforcement and Homeland Security Leaders to address the rise of violence in the City of Chester. Gun violence in the community is epidemic and the impact on sustaining and advancing the community is at stake.

IED Chairman Mark Dambly is leading the effort to maximize the resources of community partners to become a force multiplier to enhance safety. The effort is part of Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan Operation City Surge.

My role is to assist with identifying and coordinating technology to aid in the fight against crime. Bringing together private and public cameras into a network hub is task one. Additionally, adding automatic license plate readers LPR’s is another tool that can assist.

The challenge will be to coordinate the technology into actionable intelligence for responders and investigators.

This can be an opportunity to utilize regional Homeland Security resources into the fight.

At the last IED Board meeting, Senator Pat Toomey was briefed on the challenges and discussed with the group a strategy that involved coordinating federal resources into the fight.

The Institute for Economic Development, under the leadership of Mark Dambly, is committed to leading a community under siege away from violence and towards prosperity.



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