Making sure your School Safety & Security Training program involves your Transportation Team

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Haverford School District is making sure their entire School Community is prepared for an emergency. While most School District and Transportation agencies provide traditional driver safety training, Haverford wanted to bring Homeland Security training to their Drivers.

School Bus Driver Homeland Security Training with Tim Boyce

School Bus Driver Homeland Security Training with Tim Boyce

In developing the training, I relied on the basics of empowering the Drivers to be alert, to take decisive action during a threat and to communicate early and often with School Leaders when they have concerns.

The tragic kidnapping of a 5 year old Autistic boy and murder of his bus driver in Alabama is just another example of the range of threats that schools bus drivers can face. Using this experience and speaking to the heroism of bus driver Charles Poland as an example, drivers can be better prepared to face challenges.

The 90 minute training program includes videos and scenarios that allow the drivers to see and understand their role in the school safety and security program. We also spoke about severe weather, suspicious activity and field trip emergencies. Time is spent working with the drivers to detail how key busses are during evacuations.

Including all of your people into the safety and security plans adds an additional layer of early detection, response capability and confidence in your comprehensive school emergency plan.

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