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Vulnerable Populations require special active shooter response planning and hands-on practice to be effective

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Vulnerable Populations are not immune to violence. Training needs to consider mobility, intellectual impairment, physical impairments and the needs of their caregivers when planning. I recently presented to a large group of organizational leaders who work with these groups on behalf of the Delaware County System of Care. Planners should focus specific action plans and […]

See Something, Say Something, DO SOMETHING? How to promote Safety & Security during the “guest experience”

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Hotels and Motels share many of the same challenges that colleges have when it comes to promoting safety and security on campus. They have a very fluid and transient population, staff has limited time to get to know guests and the opportunity for someone to “stage for an attack” in their room and quickly cause significant […]

Adding video to your discussion based exercise adds realism, moves play along and enhances the learning experience.

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Traditional table top exercise are often not localized to the client’s environment or capable of realistically challenging the participants. They rarely include video or actual images of the “threat” or the “response”. These types of cookie-cutter exercise generally have a scenario that is generic,  esoteric threats  and warm, fuzzy, feel good outcomes. In a recent half day […]

Law Enforcement Chaplains celebrate 5 years of Service to Community

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The Delaware County Law Enforcement Chaplains recently celebrated their Fifth Anniversary of service by hosting their First Annual Banquet.  The Chaplains formed five years ago when then District Attorney G. Michael Green recognized the need to provide immediate emotional support to families being notified of a sudden death. In practice, when a family is informed […]

Threat Assessment for the Violent Student / Employee / Co-worker / Client

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Having a process to asses the “capability” of a person to act violent is critical. The process can not be arbitrary, the team untrained, or the “next steps” delayed. Another critical step is having actually “Practiced” conducting a threat assessment. Holding a table top exercise for your team with a trained facilitator can be that opportunity […]