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Video of Active Shooter Training highlights ways to protect your team

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Active Shooter training has advanced past the duck and cover days of simple lockdowns. I recently present a program called “Active Shooter Awareness, What you can do to save your life”. The program was part of Neumann University’s and Delaware County’s Partnership for Public Safety. At the inaugural program, more than 300 attendees learned ways […]

Does your front line staff know what “you” want them to do?

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Organizational Leaders spend many hours identifying the best set of emergency response guidelines for their people. These guidelines often come from the Department of Homeland Security, other federal law enforcement agencies, professional organizations and local public safety partners. One question I often hear from emergency planners is where they can find “written” instructions to include in […]

Making sure your School Safety & Security Training program involves your Transportation Team

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Haverford School District is making sure their entire School Community is prepared for an emergency. While most School District and Transportation agencies provide traditional driver safety training, Haverford wanted to bring Homeland Security training to their Drivers. In developing the training, I relied on the basics of empowering the Drivers to be alert, to take […]

SWAT ONE ready to roll. How critically evaluating an exercise led to securing a Police tactical response vehicle (Watch video here)

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As important as setting clear goals and objectives are to an exercise plan, an independent evaluation should be the legacy of your efforts. The evaluation should identify areas of improvement for resources, training, policy, procedure and culture. I recently directed an exercise in which there was an active shooter in a school.  Multiple Police Tactical […]