School Safety Resources

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The following resources are guides for developing  emergency operations plans for schools, institutions of higher education, and houses of worship.

They can be customized to serve your community. The plans incorporate lessons learned from recent incidents.  The planning process outlined in these guides will help schools, colleges and houses of worship align their emergency planning practices with those at the national best practices.

If you have any questions on the resources, please feel free to leave a comment or email me at and I will follow up with you.

Click on the image to find free school safety materials

Click on the image to find free school safety materials




Guidelines for Schools High Quality Emergency Plans

Guidelines for Colleges and Universities

Guidelines for Churches and Houses or Worship

For Schools in Pennsylvania, PEMA and the PA Dept. of Education offer the following model plans.

Tim Boyce PEMA

Click on the image to access the PA Safe Schools Tool Kit web page at PEMA

PA Schools should also understand that they also fall under PA Title 22,  Chapter 10, which mandates certain Emergency Planning elements be included in their plan. A link to PA Chapter 10 Section 24 regarding emergency planning requirements follows:

Tim Boyce pa dept of education

Click on the image to access Chapter 10 Emergency Requirements for Schools






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