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My goal is to collaborate with stakeholders to accomplish real change in the readiness, ability and confidence of your Emergency Response/Management Team. I also provide strategic leadership and coordination for a range of public and private sector opportunities.

My value to a wide range of organizations, businesses, groups and high profile Leaders is in my ability to get things done. I take their vision and work with them to identify clear objectives that produce measurable outcomes.

My career in public service, homeland security, organizational leadership and emergency management spans more than 30 years and includes a wide array of experiences, partnerships and accomplishments.

In Late November of 2016, I was appoint as the Director of Emergency Services for the County of Delaware, Pennsylvania.

Prior to taking the position as Director, I held the rank of Deputy Fire Chief for Delaware County’s largest combination fire department. Since joining the Upper Darby Fire Department as a volunteer in 1982, I have been recognized for heroism and been promoted several times through the competitive, civil service system. As Deputy Chief, I manage and lead both volunteer and career emergency personnel at emergency events. I have commanded numerous incidents and works collaboratively with Police and Emergency Medical Providers to safely protect and serve my community.

Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, events to which as Captain I led two separate groups of firefighters to assist at Ground Zero, I entered graduate school where I focused my studies on school safety and emergency management. Attending school at night and on weekends, I eventually obtained my Masters of Science degree in Public Safety from Saint Joseph’s University’s in 2006.

In 2007, I was appointed by District Attorney G. Michael Green as the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office County’s first Community Preparedness Coordinator.

I then began to collaborate with other Agents of Change to build what has now become the Region’s most well regarded and comprehensive public safety program. The Community Preparedness program’s reach and capabilities have been greatly expanded under current District Attorney Jack Whelan’s leadership. With the support of Delaware County Council, a host of new initiatives were launched that have improved communications, coordination, collaboration and relationships between law enforcement and community stakeholders.

I have also been involved with planning and participating in several National Security Special Events and continue to collaborate and support local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Major events that I have participated in include President Obama’s first inauguration, the US Open Golf tournament at Merion and the Papal visit to Philadelphia.

In my current position as the Homeland Security Coordinator for the District Attorney’s Office, I continue to work with Public Safety agencies, community organizations, schools and businesses to ensure that issues involving Homeland Security are identified and addressed.  Major accomplishments of the program include the development and implementation of the DelPASS school alarm system in more than 200 schools, the integration of a public safety camera network within the City of Chester and the establishment of the Delaware Valley Regional Intelligence Center.

Throughout my career, has served on a number of Homeland Security committees across the region including the Department of Justice Anti-Terrorism Advisory Committee, the Southeast Pennsylvania All-Hazard’s Regional Task Force, the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center, the Law Enforcement Chaplains association, numerous Safe Schools committees, the River Front Alliance and the Neumann Center for Leadership in Public Safety. I have also served on Delaware County’s Heroin Task Force since its inception.

I do still maintain a small, private consultation service that serves a wide range of businesses and organizations. Those projects have included work on promoting strategic leadership on Domestic Preparedness, Active Shooter response training, Crisis Communication, Emergency Planning as well as Response and Recovery team management. Much of this work is done pro bona for non profits that operate outside of Delaware County,

I am an established and confident public speaker that has presented both locally and nationally on behalf of the Department of Education, the Department of Defense Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office, major Universities, Health Care Systems, Fortune 500 companies and the District Attorney’s Office.

Additionally, I am an experienced strategic and tactical exercise facilitator that has directed numerous table top and field exercise for organizations and law enforcement.  Recently, I have been leading panel discussions for international journalist and Middle Eastern officials on behalf of the United States Department of State and the National Democratic Institute Campaign Candidates School in Washington, D.C.

I previously served as the Outreach Coordinator for Saint Joseph’s University Center for Domestic Leadership and Preparedness. Joining Saint Joseph’s University in 2007 as an Emergency Management Specialist for the Early Responders Distance Learning Center, I managed several Homeland Security grant projects for Federal agencies and private corporations. Those projects included work on promoting strategic leadership on Domestic Preparedness, Emergency Planning and Crisis Response, business continuity, food security, biological security, Agro-Terrorism and port security.

After leaving Saint Joseph’s University in 2014, I was recruited to develop a new training, education and strategic engagement program for Cooper University Hospital.  At Cooper, I am tasked with providing strategic leadership to support the mission requirements of the United States Departments of Defense and State as well as select foreign governments.tim boyce organizational leader

Along with my experience in Homeland Security and Public Safety, I am also a volunteer for several charities and non profits. Dedicated to supporting causes that advance the conditions of young people, families, community groups, immigrants, schools, veterans, emerging democracies and my faith; I have a passion for service and a proven recorded of advancing the safety, security, dignity and opportunities for others.

I am very proud to have established myself as a valued partner in a wide range of public and  private organizations that serve to promote good values, respect and dedication. These core values are key to any program for long term success.

As a strategic organizer and objective achiever, I do the ground work that is needed to get things done. Your vision, your dreams and your passion become my tools to build your dream.

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If I can help or you have a question, please give me a call at 484 614-6068 or email me at Timothy.Boyce@yahoo.com

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